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At Creative View we use very high quality window systems from our partners at Swish Windows. 
Door and window systems come in a range of colours, from white to rosewood, golden oak, handle colours are white, gold, chrome and black. 

Features at a glance 

Fully sculptured 5 chamber profile suite 
Complete range of window styles - Internal / External bead casement, tilt/turn, French 
Identical internally glazed sash and externally glazed frame feature 
Dedicated clip floating mullion 
10mm seal overlap on all casement sashes to increase weather performance 
All sashes accept 22mm back set locks 
Bespoke heritage horns 
PCE Low line gasket 
RCM and Steel reinforcement options 
24 and 28mm double glazing and 44m triple glazing options 
Single leg glazing bead for click fit installation 

Maximum and Minimum Sizes 

The Twentyfour-Seven system can be used to produce almost any shape or size window in common usage. A sample range of styles and the size limits are shown in the table below. 
The maximum dimensions shown may vary depending on the location of the installation and the local wind speed. The size of the window is governed by the limiting deflection of the glass and hardware size/ weight limitations and this will define the maximum length of the mullion/transom and the glass area. 


Swish is one of the most advanced window and door system manufacture on the market. Each window and door is manufactured to the very highest standard; they are elegantly sculptured and finished. 
Swish window systems are a 70mm wide profile meaning they help to hide external pain lines from old wooden window systems. The windows also have a low lying gasket built within the design which means you will not see big thick gaskets around the glass. 
Importantly Swish window systems are internally glazed for added security with key locking window handles. Door and window systems are glazed with 28mm energy saving sealed units, our sales representative will assist with styles best to suit your home. 
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